Sour Grapes

I jumped on the Mavs bandwagon well into their series against the Spurs. I'm more of a Dallas Stars fan. I'm close enough to Dallas to care about how the Mavs do. What kills me is that one player, just one, beat the Mavs. Dwayne Wade is a great player, but jeez he's only one guy. I don't understand why the Mavs couldn't stop him.

Reading Bill Simmons article from ESPN encapsulates how I feel.

Just checked Mark Cuban's blog, cool, he's read the same article. Also, this is simply cool blog.  


2 Responses

  1. I think what’s more disheartening was the lead that the Mavs blew, both in the series and in last night’s game. They were up and then didn’t keep up the intensity. I mean, the game came down to three points. To let up at all in that game was to lose it.

  2. but hey, this is why I’m a fair-weather fan. Especially for hockey, but it goes to other sports as well. I love for the Dallas teams to do well, but if they don’t, it doesn’t break my heart.

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