Suddenly hungry

So, in other news, It turns out trans-fat is worse for us than we knew. Which doesn't mean I think this is a good idea.

How good or bad a food is for you depends on how much of it you eat, usually. It would seem from the first article that we don't know exactly how much that is when it comes to partially hydrogenated fats. But…most people know that eating fast food daily is a bad idea. Also, most people are aware that sometimes a Quarter Pounder with cheese really hits the spot. Don't even get me started on Jack in the Box Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger. I do think the doctor who claims he didn't know the fat content of KFC and is bringing the suit against Yum Restaurants is looking to sue someone with deep pockets and maybe make a point.

I say put the information out there and let people choose. Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you and yet 1 in 4 people in the US smoke. Maybe will start running ads to annoy everybody with their performance art about this topic.

See, the only way this item is a public health concern is if we make the medical system truly public, which is to say nationalizing it. Jane Galt posts on that topic here. My simple opinion is that I never want my body to literally be the business of the government.
Then again, say a lawsuit creates change in the marketplace and healthier foods are the result, then the demand later for medical services related to heart disease, diabetes and obesity is lessened. Less demand, lower prices. Lower cost of health care in general. Lower cost in general means lower costs to the Medicare and Medicaid systems, which allow us to reduce taxes further. Or maybe I'm just full of hooey.

But the change in the marketplace shouldn't be that KFC is made to, by judicial edict, change their cooking. Perhaps a requirement to label their food would do the trick. And the publicity from this might result in healthier meals being offered in addition to the delightful buckets of Extra Crispy they sell.

And then we find this. Apparently, eating less food, especially carbs and fat could prevent Alzheimer's.
So, it's official. Everything you eat will eventually kill you one way or the other.


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