Mass changes

US catholics getting updated rites.

No comment from Mel Gibson yet.


One Response

  1. Here a couple of my favorite things about this:

    -The Nicene Creed will begin “I believe” instead of “We believe” – a translation of the Latin text instead of the original Greek text.

    This makes the prayer more personal; a good thing when you’re reciting you beliefs.

    -In the first form of the penitential rite, the people will confess that “I have sinned greatly… through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault.” In the current version, that part of the prayer is much shorter: “I have sinned through my own fault.”

    Saying mea culpa thrice brings it home a bit more.

    The only thing that awkward, that I read on Catholic Online was the following:

    -Whenever the priest says “The Lord be with you,” the people will respond, “And with your spirit.” The current response is “And also with you.”

    The way it is now, saying this is effortless. The proposed new way seems clucky. Thing is, say it enough times, and it should come easy again.

    By the way, good news on the Catholic front, Nicole Kidman is coming back.


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