Who run Bartertown?

According to Drudge, Jay Leno does. Tonight in the thunderdome, we have Coulter vs Carlin.

That's right, folks, step right up and watch the skinny tart and the crusty fart exchanging barbs on NBC. Two people enter, one woman leaves. Right?

I'm guessing this won't be the confrontation that Drudge put up a flash about, but it may be entertaining. Interesting, in that Ann could be considered the intellectual heir of Carlin, both using controversial bits to attract people to their body of work. Carlin had a lot of funny stuff, about the time Ann was born, but the one routine everyone's heard of, or at least at my age, is his 7 Dirty Words. I'll watch and update you.

Update: Leno just mentioned that this is the last time he lets eHarmony pick his lineup. Heh.

Update: Carlin says not a word during her interview, except a quickie about moving to the right when she comes onstage – referring to moving down a chair. That's it. She compliments one of his jokes and then does okay. The producers must have bussed in some Republicans. She throws out some red meat; the crowd eats it up. Leno does press her on the 9/11 widows quote, but she acquits herself well, putting it in perspective.  

Well, there's an hour I won't get back. More disappointing than watching UFC. Sigh, the Thunderdome ain't what it used to be.

Ace's take here.


3 Responses

  1. Yeah for us here at work.

  2. Right now you’re missing AFI’s 100 Years 100 Cheers – I have this suspicion that AFI has a list of 100 movies and a random generator to just put them in a different order for the new show.

  3. Updates added.

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