How Inconvenient

Canadian (!) Free Press reports that scientist claim Al Gore is full of hot air.

Meanwhile, Hot Air says we should go nukular.

You don't have to fantasize that you're saving the world to want cleaner energy. There's a lot to be said for breathing clean air and there's a strong point to be made that putting bad things into the environment isn't a natural right, since other people have to breathe and drink, etc. You don't have to be avoiding the wrath of Gaia to see that and work towards it. But I guess in Al's mind, it's harder to find ways to work with the economy and the free market than to impose your will on it.

There's a lot to like and dislike about Rudy but I think he's got this one right. Why switch to just one alternative for electricity instead of all of them that are cost effective?  Why not provide the infrastructure and let the markets sort it all out?


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  1. …and the link is festered with anti-Bush stuff! I find that funny for some reason.

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