Viva Mexico

Mexico beats Iran in the World Cup despite xenophobia.

Public sentiment is heavily against Lavolpe more than 60 percent of Mexicans want an all-Mexican national team, according to a recent poll and former national-teamer Francisco Palencia says at least 90 percent of Mexican players, including most on the World Cup roster, agree.

So sixty percent of Mexican’s want an all-Mexican team? Really? Now I don't feel so bad being part of the majority.            

            Winger Jesus Arellano once said he'd never share the field with a naturalized player, but Javier Aguirre, another Mexican legend, selected Argentine-born Gabriel Caballero for Mexico's 2002 World Cup team, and Naelson, who goes by 'Zinha," made his debut two years later.

 It’s a shame LULAC doesn’t function in Mexico. Could you imagine what they’d do with Jesus Arellano’s statement where he’d never share the field with a naturalized player?            

Oh and this:             

"They close a lot of doors for the young players that are growing up in the Mexican League. There are a lot of good, young Mexicans. A lot of Mexicans can play the same thing they do."           

Sound familiar?

Least we forget what Guillermo Franco and Antonio Naelson are guaranteed under Mexico’s constitution as naturalized citizens.

Mexico and its citizens are currently asking Americans and their government to be more accepting in our immigration laws. Now immigration law is apple to the make up of a World Cup soccer team orange, sure. My anger stems from being called a racist and being accused of xenophobia because I want a stronger border and our immigration laws enforced. As soccer is a national pride in Mexico, so too the function of our immigration policy that allows those who want to become a US citizen become a
US citizen.  


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  1. I think fear of being called racist and xenophobic is a large part of what’s stopping a solid enforcement bill from passing.

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