Possible new HIV treatment

Of course, it won't be available until 2009 and the studies are still preliminary, but still this looks hopeful.

The author of The Hot Zone wrote something to the effect of "AIDS is the revenge of the rain forest for man's encroaching on it." I'm too lazy to look up the actual quote, but it's something like that. Well, I say we make the rain forest our beyotch in retaliation. And this could be how we do it. Or maybe not. The human tests are just beginning. So we still have to be careful about swapping bodily fluids with people we don't know.

We as a people, in addition to having lost a lot of citizens,  have spent a lot of money on this disease and it's encouraging to see progress. Of course, if American scientists come up with a cure or a significantly better treatment, would we get props for that from the rest of the world? Or would we just catch grief for not immediately providing it free of charge to the rest of the world? Just wondering.


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