Controversy and Book Reviews

If Ann Coulter was looking to generate some publicity for her new book, it appears that she has succeeded.

I’ve only read a couple of her books all the way through. Slander got boring after a couple chapters. Treason was a decent read and How To Talk… was a good collection of her articles. But Ann is best in small doses, at least for my reading. She has the art of the sound byte down cold, but reading a whole book of sound bytes gets tiresome. Nonetheless, if you fancy a glance at her first chapter, it’s here.  

Update: per Drudge, Coulter and Senator Clinton are now trading barbs. Thing about Ann is, she’s got all the right enemies.


Another update: A lot of people on the right are criticizing her statements about the 9/11 widows but it doesn't seem to be effecting sales negatively. Here's the thing: it's Ann Coulter. What did you expect? We're talking about someone who's been given the boot from National Review and USA Today for being so over the top. She doesn't play nice with others and she crosses the line of propriety all the time. I think I'm more bothered by the blogs that are shocked, SHOCKED, that Ann would say something like this.


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